The Art of Michael Morrison


The Art of Michael Morrison on display at Northgate.

For 37 years Raleigh-based artist Morrison has been creating acrylic works on canvas, gesso board, and other surfaces focused on landscapes and abstracts using bright colors as well as photographic works that depict his passion for travel, sustainability, the environment, horticulture, and philanthropy.  He won first place in the USDA’s Art and Agriculture competition the past three years, and his art was selected for 100 Raleigh-area buses as part of the Art on the Move contest. His work is currently on display at the USDA Gallery in Washington DC.

Michael is also creating work for each of musician Todd Rundgren’s songs for his Spirit of Harmony Series which benefits Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation providing music education opportunities for young people regardless of socio-economic status, geographic location, or ability.

All art on display is available for purchase contact Michael Morrison for details