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January 15


MLK Birthday Celebration 2018

The Power of Children


  • 10-Booths open
  • 10:30-Welcome on stage
  • 10:40-break to go to workshops
  • 10:45-11:15-workshop session one
  • 11:15-11:20-break between workshops
  • 11:20-11:50-workshop session two

11:50-12:30-Learn about the role children played in the civil rights movement (the Children’s March, Ruby Bridges, Claudette Colvin, Greensboro and other sit ins), Being a Child in the Civil Rights Era

Sing Happy Birthday and Cake at 12:30pm

Workshops Appropriate for everyone ages 0-100

o   With My Own Two Hands: Children Changing the World with Duke Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) Campus Center-Join in dancing, crafts, and more as we learn about the Civil Rights Movement’s youngest heroes and how we can change today’s world with our own two hands.

o   Explosively Powerful Storytime in the MakerLab with Durham County Library- Interactive stories of power with crafts, music and giveaways.

o   I Have A Dream: What’s Your Superpower? with Embracing Diversity-How 5 Afro-Latinos Made Their Childhood Dreams Come True, & How You Can Do It, Too

o   “If Kids Ran the World”: the Power of Kids to Change the World Today with MomsRising and Kids Voting Durham- Kids played an important part in the civil rights struggle, and their voices are just as important today. Join us as we dream together about how our world would be different if kids were in charge and brainstorm what kids can do right now to make a difference.

o   Quiet room/ Breastfeeding space-Everyone needs a little downtime. This space is provided for nursing moms and those whose kids just need a break from the excitement for a few moments.

Workshops best suited for students in elementary school and up

o   Kids are Powerful: Standing Up for Yourself and Others with Kidpower- Focusing on real skills kids can use in their lives, Kidpower teaches people of all ages and abilities how to use their power to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves

o   Freedom on the Menu with Social Justice story-time- Join us to read several children’s books about MLK and the children who helped change the country.